Friday, October 10, 2008

some wedding details

it has been so much fun going through the photographer's photos.  here are some details.  we did end up going with the gold jordan almonds.  we used recycled lace and ribbon to wrap them and then put them in people's drink glasses.  to minimize washing & water resources, we encourage people to use the same glass all night, so we dropped the jordan almonds in the glasses.  that's the only favor we had, i struggled with the idea of a favor, but decided to go with the jordan almonds since they are such a strong italian tradition...and it's not something wasteful since all the wrapping we used was recycled (i have so much vintage lace & ribbon for crafting, i just used that).  plus it was a fun project.  the lovely ladies linda and moore wrapped all the almonds during one of our project brigade afternoons.

even the little tags that i wrote names on were doubly-recycled.  they were made from discarded file folders that were made from post consumer recycled content.  and i found them on etsy.

the other signs were also recycled.  i purchased ribbon from another vendor on etsy, blue bird lane & she used the large tags to wrap the ribbon.  so i re-used those tags for the lettering.


knotsodifferent said...

I love the recycled!

mimi said...

1 your tabletop is beautiful

2 congrats on the small victory with your dad

it's hard to be close to people with such different political opinions, but it sounds like that was pretty exciting to hear!

christina said...

thanks!! i loved trying to re-use as much as i could!

and yes, mimi, it was great to have such a turn around with my dad!